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A compass pointing north for the area of Tarrant County in which North Tarrant Democrats are located. The G-PAC club is located in Keller, TX to promote education of precinct chairs, developing candidates and doing voter registration within our community.

Precinct Chair Info 

Filing for Precinct Chair 



In filling out your new or renewal Precinct Chair documents, please note to contact our Notary Public to have your filing documents notarized.

Texas Van:

Tarrant County Elections:


Texas State Democratic Party Website:

Texas Democratic Party Rules for 2017-2018

2019 Researched and Developed by Martha A Williams, Political Scientist, Tarrant County Democratic Party.

Precinct Chair Training Manual.


Identification that voters will be required to have on their person when they go to the polls to vote. Helpful information for Precinct Chairs to communicate to their voters. This particular Voter ID is currently in court by the DOJ.

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